Greetings and salutations, welcome to our camper! Grab a seat in the back, kettle’s on. My name is Custard (obviously not my real name) and yon blokey behind the wheel there is Rooobarb (again, not what his mother calls him).

Let me tell you a story:

In 2011, Rooobarb and I went to see a show by Laura Mugridge called Running on Air. The show had been brought to the North West by our friends at Spot On Rural Touring, who have never given us a duff show yet, so when they mentioned a one woman show with an audience of five that takes place in the back of a campervan, we were in!

We drove to Mawdsley, and met the stars of the show; Laura, and her lovely orange bay window camper called Joni. The show was wonderful, a life-affirming journey around the UK with laughs and tears, all whilst sitting in the back of Joni outside a farm shop. Laura sparked an idea in our heads; when her and her husband Tom had got married, they had asked people to choose a part of a campervan to buy, and when they got a camper, they would name the parts after the people who bought them. I was sitting on a bench seat who was an uncle. You get the picture.

We thought that this was a marvellous idea, and so, when in October 2012 we decided that a 15 year long engagement was probably long enough, and that we should do something about it, we shamelessly stole the idea for our wedding gift list, asking people to support us in our future Adventures in a Campervan.

Fast forward to May 2013, when we saw, fell in love with, and subsequently bought a 1967 split screen van, called Ruby due to her rhubarb and custard paint job (and now our aliases suddenly make a lot more sense!).

This blog will allow you to follow our Adventures as they happen, and also allow our wedding guests to see what they have bought!

Thanks for reading,

Rooobarb and Custard 🙂


6 thoughts on “About

  1. We’re doing the same thing…..ish. We asked people to donate dosh to our honeymoon fund which Will take us to austria DNA back in our T3 camper which I am restoring…..slowly! It’s been a long and trying journey but I am about to break the biggest barrier…..the shell is almost ready for primer 🙂
    Good luck with your splitty and yes, I’m jealous!!! But ours is bigger haha!!

    • Wow – I am in awe of anyone who does a nuts and bolts resto. Ruby will, one day, need the full works, but we bought the camper then got into the scene, rather than taking our time and getting to know the scene first. Probably a good job, or I would be holding out for a high top van or a barn door split, as it would appear my tastes run to “exclusive”! Good luck with the rest of your resto, and thanks for the follow!

      • Hi there,

        No worries, how could I not follow such a wonderful splitty?!
        We will keep an eye on your adventures while I try to restore ours 🙂
        Lovely to hear from you.


  2. Hi. Nice site, I live in North Cyprus and share your hobby of old vw spotting, please can you tell me where the bay and split vans are?, I’m trying to find a restoreable project to keep me sane. Thanks David

    • Hi David – thanks for your message!

      The bay van that we saw in 2013 was in Alsancak near Denizkizi off the Girne-Lapta road. I’m not sure where the splitty was as my parents saw it when we weren’t there. We’ve seen shells of vans in the scrapyard along the road from Nicosia to Ercan, and the guy who has the yard on Dr Fazil Küçük Bulvari imports Ghias and vans, mainly from Japan, so may be able to point you in the right direction.

      Susie who did our wedding photos is a big VW fan and is based in Kyrenia, so might be able to point you in the direction of any vans she’s seen recently – it might be worth getting in touch with her through her website: http://www.susieforster.com/#!contact/czpl

      Good luck with finding a project, and let us know how you get on!

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