Shortly before Christmas, I needed to post a parcel. I was reluctant to go to Accrington Post Office, as it is always busy anyway, and it being the last posting day before the holidays, I knew it would be hellish. My colleague suggested another Post Office nearby, which was brilliant – no queues, being able to hear the people behind the counter, easy to park. It became my new regular Post Office, as I could nip there in my lunch break and not get caught up.

Having been to the Post Office one lunchtime, I turned into a side street to head back to work and saw the most wonderful sight:

2013-01-09 21.19.00

Meet Ruby. Ruby is a 1967 split screen van, who started life as a purple delivery van. She was lovingly restored a few years ago, given a cream vinyl interior and a “rhubarb and custard” paint job (hence the name). And she is for sale!

She was being sold by Dave of Accrington Beetles and Campers on behalf of a customer who doesn’t have as much time as he would like to give to her anymore, and came with loads of camping gear for a very good price. She seemed to good to be true.

After a couple of visits and a good look round, everything seemed to be in order; sound bodywork, tidy interior and engine looking good. She’ll need a bit of work on her steering and a few other minor bits, but she’s been well looked after and was ready to drive away.



Most Wanted

When you have a campervan, or you tell people that you are getting one, all of a sudden, everyone finds camper-themed things for you. Here are just a few.

2013-01-19 12.31.56My colleague bought me this 3D picture for Christmas to tide us over until we get a real-life camper. As a nice touch, she had added labels with our names on, 1980s Ford Escort style, over the windows!

2012-12-28 14.52.07My parents bought us a camper for Christmas! A Lego one. But it was enormous fun to build and play with. Available from the Lego Shop.

original_notebook_camper_frontAnother colleague sent me a link to this cute camper notebook from Not on the High Street, who have lots of great camper-themed gifts, such as this washbag:

original_a-licensed-vw-wash-bagOn my travels I’ve also found this funky night light from Lights4Fun:

45458277460898987_hLgn6FaK_cThis biscuit tin (along with other products in the same range) from Happy Camping:

45458277460875106_ok6jCIri_cI also love this tea towel – it’s so bright and cheery:

135_lThis milk jug (and mugs, eggcups, lamps and more) from New Age Living:

45458277460899131_xSXDFIvE_cI absolutely love the cards, magnets, coasters and tax disc holders from VDubshop:

1500_39743258889_4293_n2102_45644228889_2681_nTax disc holders.
GC013The Volkswain.
TT105_smlCamping Medicine Cabinet.

And finally, one of my favourites, a custom designed basket from Handmade by Amber:

45458277460898922_n8YBv5t5_cI don’t know what I would keep in one of these baskets, but I’m quite sure I need one!

I was not paid to plug any of these things. I just really like them. All opinions are my own.

Inspiration: Junkaholique

Much of my precious spare time recently has been spent googling for campervan stuff. I decided that when we get the van, I would like some fairy lights inside, to make it all nice and cosy looking in the evenings. I googled “campervan fairy lights” and this lovely blog post came up in the search results: Junkaholique

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphotograph of Lewes the campervan copyright (c) Junkaholique, used without permission

Junkaholique is the blog of Artemis Russell, her vintage finds, handmade projects, her family and their gorgeous bay window bus Lewes (pictured). Her blog is well worth a visit to see how Lewes has been transformed, and to see lovely photographs of their camping trips. My dreams these past few nights have been of blue skies, bright sunshine and the seaside, all enjoyed from within a camper of our very own.

Adventures in a Campervan

Greetings and salutations, welcome to our camper! Grab a seat in the back, kettle’s on. My name is Custard (obviously not my real name) and yon blokey behind the wheel there is Rooobarb (again, not what his mother calls him).

Let me tell you a story:

In 2011, Rooobarb and I went to see a show by Laura Mugridge called Running on Air. The show had been brought to the North West by our friends at Spot On Rural Touring, who have never given us a duff show yet, so when they mentioned a one woman show with an audience of five that takes place in the back of a campervan, we were in!

We drove to Mawdsley, and met the stars of the show; Laura, and her lovely orange bay window camper called Joni. The show was wonderful, a life-affirming journey around the UK with laughs and tears, all whilst sitting in the back of Joni outside a farm shop. Laura sparked an idea in our heads; when her and her husband Tom had got married, they had asked people to choose a part of a campervan to buy, and when they got a camper, they would name the parts after the people who bought them. I was sitting on a bench seat who was an uncle. You get the picture.

We thought that this was a marvellous idea, and so, when in October 2012 we decided that a 15 year long engagement was probably long enough, and that we should do something about it, we shamelessly stole the idea for our wedding gift list:

2013-01-26 12.39.29

We get married in 9 weeks time, and already have been pledged three rear view mirrors, one wing mirror, a fuel gauge, a fire extinguisher, a gearbox and a radiator (which could be interesting in an air-cooled engine, I blame a tired Custard googling for lists of car parts for gift lists late at night…). The lovely Rob and Sue at Spot On have also promised us an unused camping toilet. Which will make an interesting focal piece on the gift table at the reception!

So that was the start of our campervan adventures, and in the future we’re hoping to go wherever our flat-four engine will take us.