Most Wanted

When you have a campervan, or you tell people that you are getting one, all of a sudden, everyone finds camper-themed things for you. Here are just a few.

2013-01-19 12.31.56My colleague bought me this 3D picture for Christmas to tide us over until we get a real-life camper. As a nice touch, she had added labels with our names on, 1980s Ford Escort style, over the windows!

2012-12-28 14.52.07My parents bought us a camper for Christmas! A Lego one. But it was enormous fun to build and play with. Available from the Lego Shop.

original_notebook_camper_frontAnother colleague sent me a link to this cute camper notebook from Not on the High Street, who have lots of great camper-themed gifts, such as this washbag:

original_a-licensed-vw-wash-bagOn my travels I’ve also found this funky night light from Lights4Fun:

45458277460898987_hLgn6FaK_cThis biscuit tin (along with other products in the same range) from Happy Camping:

45458277460875106_ok6jCIri_cI also love this tea towel – it’s so bright and cheery:

135_lThis milk jug (and mugs, eggcups, lamps and more) from New Age Living:

45458277460899131_xSXDFIvE_cI absolutely love the cards, magnets, coasters and tax disc holders from VDubshop:

1500_39743258889_4293_n2102_45644228889_2681_nTax disc holders.
GC013The Volkswain.
TT105_smlCamping Medicine Cabinet.

And finally, one of my favourites, a custom designed basket from Handmade by Amber:

45458277460898922_n8YBv5t5_cI don’t know what I would keep in one of these baskets, but I’m quite sure I need one!

I was not paid to plug any of these things. I just really like them. All opinions are my own.


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