Shortly before Christmas, I needed to post a parcel. I was reluctant to go to Accrington Post Office, as it is always busy anyway, and it being the last posting day before the holidays, I knew it would be hellish. My colleague suggested another Post Office nearby, which was brilliant – no queues, being able to hear the people behind the counter, easy to park. It became my new regular Post Office, as I could nip there in my lunch break and not get caught up.

Having been to the Post Office one lunchtime, I turned into a side street to head back to work and saw the most wonderful sight:

2013-01-09 21.19.00

Meet Ruby. Ruby is a 1967 split screen van, who started life as a purple delivery van. She was lovingly restored a few years ago, given a cream vinyl interior and a “rhubarb and custard” paint job (hence the name). And she is for sale!

She was being sold by Dave of Accrington Beetles and Campers on behalf of a customer who doesn’t have as much time as he would like to give to her anymore, and came with loads of camping gear for a very good price. She seemed to good to be true.

After a couple of visits and a good look round, everything seemed to be in order; sound bodywork, tidy interior and engine looking good. She’ll need a bit of work on her steering and a few other minor bits, but she’s been well looked after and was ready to drive away.



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