Nephew’s seal of approval

We’ve finally told our family and friends about Ruby! Here is a photo of our nephew seeing a photo of her. He kept shouting “camper van” and “nice wheels!” at the screen.

2013-04-30 19.55.47


Here he is with his toy camper van that Susie gave him. He loves it!

2013-04-30 19.59.04


Happy Ever After

Katherine and Chris (171)

Well, that’s it. We’re all married now and set to trundle off into the deep blue yonder to have adventures in our campervan.

Katherine and Chris (173)

People have chosen their parts of the van to name, so at some point we will be attaching labels to them all and taking photographs so that people can see what they’ve bought.

Katherine and Chris (212)

But for now, here are some of our lovely wedding photos, by the talented and lovely Susie Forster, who is not only a great photographer, but a massive VW camper fan, so automatically earns lots of extra cool points!

Katherine and Chris (237)